Magpie-larks again.

Cycling to Sydney Olympic Park, we stopped by the mangroves at the south end of Meadowbank Bridge to check on the Magpie-lark (Peewee) Family. Mum was on the nest, but this time we got a better look at Baby:

Mum was feeding the chick, who was already showing signs of early plumage. Looks like a male (we assume the black face rule applies for the chicks as well):

Mum took off, and the chick clearly wanted more, calling while she was away. She was back soon enough.

It was a hot and sunny day, and it appeared that Mum used her tail as a parasol for the chick:

Dad was nearby all the time, and seemed more relaxed about me than two days ago:

At first we thought he was bringing nesting material until we realized that he had got some fishing line tangled around his right foot:

Update: we spotted this guy 3 weeks later with this line still around his foot. It looked like it was causing him some grief. Anglers: please do everything you can to ensure fishing line is not left behind.

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