Seafood Brunch.

One late morning at Cabarita, this Australasian Darter (Anhinga novaehollandiae) brought his massive catch in to the beach right where we were brunching ourselves. Presumably swallowing something three times the size of one’s head requires a stable base – but it was hard not to think he brought it in mostly to show off his spear-fishing prowess.

It seemed like he was going to perch on a submerged rock, but his run coincided with the wake of a Rivercat, and he was washed over, holding his prize aloft.

On dry land, the business of eating commenced – tricky when your mouth is also your spear:

Having made short work of that. he disappeared back beneath the water to check the dinner menu:

One reply on “Seafood Brunch.”

These are the MOST SPECTACULAR pics! Showcasing the behaviours, the lifestyle and the skills of our wildlife .. and doesn’t life get wild!? I love that s/he is showing off 🙂 And that that the pics chronicle the circle of life on suburban waters (who knew that nice, snack size fish were so readily available?!) I think you need to enter these pics, as a sequence, in some sort of photo competition 🙂

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