Corella Capers.

Riding the Parramatta Valley Cycleway (the new Escarpment Boardwalk section had just been opened) we came upon this scene of devastation just past Lennox Bridge. A tree (Camphor Laurel we think) had been decimated, almost as though there had been a localised hailstorm:

Looking up, the culprits were revealed: a large flock of Little Corellas (Cacatua sanguinea).

They were feasting on the small blue berries, but seemed incapable of plucking off a berry without also lopping off twigs of five or six leaves at the same time. As we watched, twigs, leaves and berries rained down on us incessantly.

This youngster obliged, posing for some photos

With a lot of noise, they periodically flew off, circled, and returned to their banquet tree.

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