Courting Corellas.

Still at Lake Gillawarna, Georges Hall, and still speculating on love-affairs amongst the birdlife.

There are so many references on the interweb to Corellas sliding down slippery tin pitched roofs to fly back to the top and do it again, or else cling precariously to the vertical blades of windmills and spin round and round, that we begin to wonder if these tales are apocryphal.
One thing is certain: Little Corellas are famously playful – perhaps more so than any other Australian parrot.
So is this goofy wrestling just play, or part of the courtship behavior?

Corellas tend to flock together in fairly large groups – and this play-wrestle / submissive surrender / courtship was occurring between multiple pairs:

Non-wrestling tenderness was also on the cards. Hard not to imagine that this couple in a tree were deeply smitten:

Other Corellas in this sprawling flock were simply going about their business…

…but we reckon that love was definitely in the air this day:

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