Housing Squeeze.

In Glenbrook, these two young first-hollow-buyers, Rhaine and Beau, had a disappointing day inspecting the pokey little residences on the market.

The first hollow they looked into was a definite “fixer-upper” – it would take a considerable amount of digging to enlarge it for a young family. Plus, the upward-facing entrance would let in the rain:

Then Rhaine spotted the hollow next door. “Take a look at this one, Beau. What do you think?”

“Hmmm, I don’t know,” replied Beau, “it looks pretty small”.

“Sometimes small means cosy,” Rhaine suggested, her voice echoing strangely from within the cramped confines.

“What’s it like inside?” asked Beau.

“Can you even fit in there?”

“Talk to me, Rhaine – you OK?”

“I’m OK,” Rhaine reassured Beau, “Come on in. It’s not as small as it looks from outside…”
“Righto then, I’m coming in,” said Beau.

“Wow, it’s pretty tight!”

“You might be right,” said Rhaine. “The bedroom is tiny, and I think it narrows even further up ahead. Back up Beau, I’m getting a bit claustro now!”

“Go easy, Rhaine! I’m backing up as fast as I can! Whoa!”

“OK, I’m out. Let me just get a foothold…”

“Ah, Beau! I think I’m stuck!”

POP! “Phew, that’s a relief! I’m out!” said Rhaine.

“Hmm. I’m beginning to think we’re not going to find anything suitable around here,” Beau lamented.

“Maybe we should consider making a Tree Change?” suggested Rhaine.

The End.

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