Birds Walk

Close to Home 2.

More random birds and animals we’ve seen on our regular COVID Lockdown constitutionals.

An Australian Wood Duck on the canal wall:

A male King Parrot:

A Rainbow Lorikeet feeding near a busy roundabout:

A Little Pied Cormorant:

A Butcherbird:

A pair of Skinks bravely sunning themselves at the edge of a busy footpath:

A Crested Dove:

White Faced Herons:

A Striated Heron in the distance:

A Magpie took a drink from the gutter:

A Kookabuura in the local park:

And another at Looking Glass Bay:

Silver Gulls:

A male Magpie-lark:

In the local park, more hollows were being spring-cleaned – Rainbow Lorikeets and Sulphur-crested Cockatoos:

An Eastern Rosella shares a TV antenna with a Crested Dove and a pair of Noisy Miners:

A Noisy Miner:

Three-part harmony from a trio of Kookburras at Looking Glass Bay:

A dapper Galah posed for us:

A male King Parrot among curly foliage:

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