Miner Fall.

Walking to Yagoona Railway Station through O’Neill Park, I happened upon this tiny fellow.

He had obviously fallen from the nest. I doubt that his parents had been trying to move him to a fledging branch – he looked too young, and could barely keep his eyes open.

As I got close to him to take photos, I was surprised that there was absolutely no alarm calls or swooping from his parents or extended family. I took that to mean that they had given up on him as a lost cause.

I couldn’t bear to leave him to the local cats, so I lifted him to a low branch – from where he promptly fell to the ground again.

When I lifted him to a higher and wider branch, he sat there happily enough. It was only at this point that his family began to make a commotion.
Had they previously considered him beyond any help – but now that he was off the ground and relatively safe, did they start to believe he could now be saved?
I like to think so…

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