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Lake Paika: Dawn and Dusk.

In 1907, as part of wider-ranging Murrumbidgee Irrigatgation Area developments, a levee and dam were constructed that curtailed waterflow from the Murrumbidgee River into Lake Paika. For over 100 years, “Lake” Paika was a bone-dry depression.
In 2008, a group of local land-owners (including our host at Paika Station, Dianne Williams) clubbed together and commenced action to reinstate Paika Lake. Working with the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, and the CSIRO, they were successful in rehabilitating the 450 hectare lake, with the first water in 105 years flowing into it in 2011.
The lake now provides important habitat for wildlife, in particular wading birds. And, of course, spectacularly beautiful views for guests at Paika Station.


Eurasian Coots (Fulica atra) and their chicks lived among the reeds behind our cottage.

The drive and generosity of the land-holders in this action group cannot be down-played. One of the bordering stations depended for power on electrical cables that ran across the dry lake bed. The owners had to live many months with generator power while the rehabilitation work was undertaken.


Our new bird friend, the Crested Grebe sailed by in the sunset:

The sunset that Bramanda experienced, sitting on the verandah of the of the old workers’ accommodation with a bottle of local wine, was one of the most memorable we have had.

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