About Bramandagram.

Bramanda are Brad and Amanda. We live in Sydney, Australia and enjoy getting out and about, and always have our cameras with us. We take a lot of photos – and sometimes they’re even OK. We’d like to share some.

Like a lot of people in 2020, we spent less time indoors with humans and more time outside with nature. We began taking snaps of local birdlife, and quickly became addicted. When you begin noticing birdlife, you begin to notice there’s a lot of it that you hadn’t noticed before. In the space of nine months, we took several thousand photos of birds.

So in 2021, this blog will be our way to stop cluttering up Facebook with galleries upon galleries of bird pics.

But it’s not just birds: expect to see beasts, beaches, buildings, bicycles, bushwalks, bridges, beautiful things, beers, backyards, bugs, blossoms and… billions of Birds.