Ikara Head Track.

Even though the rare mass flowering of the Pink Flannel Flowers was what brought us to the Ikara Head Track, the 7.2 kilometre out-and-back walk near Mt Victoria in the Blue Mountains is picturesque enough to be well worth your while, Pink Flannel Flowers or no.
Driving from Sydney, take the Victoria Falls Road on your right just before the township of Mt Victoria. Follow this gravel road for about 4 kilometres. The track to Ikara Head is on the left, and is not normally signposted (we had the benefit of a temporary sign to cater for the Pink Flannel Flower crowds – and the crowds themselves).

The track is an easy and relatively flat walk. We obviously hung around the main fields of Flannel Flowers for quite a while, but the walk to Ikara Head would take less than an hour.

A friendly bee took a great interest in a dropped piece of our lunchtime frittata:

To the east, views out to Mt Banks, Mt Tomah and Mt Wilson…

Below the point of Ikara Head, Koonbanda Brook (left) and Jungaburra Brook (right) flow into the Grose River:


Pff! (Pink Flannel Flowers).

Bored with the Pink Flannel Flowers yet? Even though we got our Pink Flannel Flower experience in late January, we had to follow the scuttlebutt and head out to Ikara Head (along with half of the rest of Sydney, it seemed) to check out the expansive carpeting of flowers there. These wildflowers have been such a trending topic that there is very little to say that has not already been said. So if you haven’t had enough PFF yet, posted below, without further comment, are some of our pics.