King / Crimson 2.

Part Two of our big day of King Parrots and Crimson Rosellas at Blackheath Memorial Park. This time it’s the Crimson Rosellas’ (Platycercus elegans) turn in the autumn light.

Much like the King Parrots, the adults preferred to hang around in the more heavily-treed southern part of the park, while the juveniles went nuts (pun intended) for the acorns in the north parts.

The juveniles – of which there were many – have a lot of green about them which they lose as they mature.

There was a bit of squabbling between some adults and a juvenile:

More juveniles:

Amanda made good use of the High-Tree-Bird-Watching Facilitation Devices installed by the Park’s designers:

Much like the young King Parrots, the juvenile Crimsons seemed quite happy to forage for windfall acorns on the ground:

Another lovely flock of young parrots on what turned out to be a fantastic day for birding. And it didn’t end with the parrots…

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