Back in Blax.

On a visit to Amanda’s parents in Blaxland, we spotted a lovely Grey Shrike-Thrush (Colluricincla harmonica) in their backyard, before we headed out on a walk.

A Crimson Rosella:

An Eastern Spinebill:

There were many Eastern Yellow Robins around, but they were so flitty, and the bush so thick, that photography was a frustrating business:

But the real darling of the day was the Grey Shrike-Thrush.
We have read that this bird is considered one a Australia’s best songsters, and reports are that he has hundreds if not thousands of songs – which is really annoying: he was totally silent all the time he was in earshot of us! Next time.

For all their cuteness and their reputation as masterful songbirds, they are also notorious predators of other birds’ eggs and chicks.

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